If the average night's sleep is eight hours, one sleeps for one third of one's life. If you live, say, 75 years, that's 25 years asleep, or 9,125 days!

Obviously, your sleep is important and Railway Furniture recognizes that!  With some of the top brand names in mattresses, Railway Furniture wants its customers to have the best sleep possible at the best price possible.  QUALITY and VALUE are key.

There are lots of choices when it comes to mattresses…Laytex, Innerspring, Tempur, Memory Foam, Traditional, and Hybrid. Would you know where to start?  Let us help!  We regularly attend furniture markets and are up to date on the latest trends and tips on mattresses.  Why shop with anyone else?  With over 20 mattresses ready to try in our mattress showroom, we strive to find the best option for you!  We carry many brands including Tempurpedic, Symbol, Sealy, Ashley, Jamison, and more! Come buy the Railway!